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The track composition of the airport, standard and parameter
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Without doubt, track is the main component of an airport. It decided the grade level of the airport, track reachs his of relevant establishment build, the label have strict regulation.

Grade of airport flight division

The function of track and the plane that corresponding establishment decided what grade can use this airport, the airport presses classification of this kind of ability, call flight division grade.

The encode that flight division grade comprises with two parts will express, the first part is a number, represent the limitation of the track function with plane performance corresponding place and fraise. The 2nd part is a letter, the width of the runway that the dimension place that shows an airplane asks and taxiway,

The flight field that indicates a need to the first number of area grade flying for track consequently length, the biggest limb that the 2nd alphabet shows corresponding airplane is exhibited and width of the biggest track, they are corresponding data issues a list according to seeing: Word of the first digit The 2nd letter


Flight field length


The ala is exhibited Tread 1 Be less than 800 metersA is less than 5 meters is less than 4.5 meters2 800 meters reach 1200 metersB 5 rice reachs 24 meters 4.5 meters reach 6 meters3 1200 meters reach 1800 metersC 24 rice reachs 36 meters 6 meters reach 9 meters4 1800 meters of aboveD 36 rice reachs 52 meters 9 meters reach 14 metersE 52 rice reachs 60 meters 9 meters reach 14 meters

At present our country opens grade of airport flight division to all be in for the most part 4D above, xiamen tall Qi, Fuzhou grows water of week of celestial being of peach of capital of happy, Beijing, Shenyang, Dalian child, the Milky way of Baoan of Bai Yun of hill of desolate of mouth of salary of Shanghai rainbow bridge, Shanghai Pudong, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, 3 inferior.

The basic parameter of track

Often listen to press some airport a few runway, can not think it has a lot of track, also do not think it presses order or optional number, actually it has a regulation.

Direction and track number:
Advocate the direction of track is mixed commonly of place advocate wind direction is consistent, track number is an unit with 10 degrees according to the magnetism direction of track center line; 4 abandon 5 people to express with two digit. With Taipei peach garden in the airport is exemple, magnetism direction is for the track number of 233 degrees runway 23, track number is in with good-sized word mark of track into close end, and the magnetism direction of the other one aspect of the matter of this runway is 53 degrees, track number is 05, because two direction of this one runway have two number, magnetism direction both differs 180 degrees; Track number differs 18.
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