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About the moving standard of the airport
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Standard of airport moving lowest is the airport is used at the limitative condition that take off and lands.

The airport that uses in most before 1973 country runs lowermost standard to consider weather factor only, namely Yun Gaohe visibility, cry so " standard of airport lowest air " . But because cloud bottom height is irregular normally, just be in rarely track population this the most crucial measure a newspaper locally; Visibility also is not the driver is in enter direction of runway of the edge when landing
Can see the largest space of clear ground mark. Accordingly in March 1973, international Civil Aviation Organization decides to use " standard of airport moving lowest " replace " standard of airport lowest weather " , the track visual range that uses furnish to be calculated automatically in the atmosphere transmission appearance of track a side (RVR) the visibility that replaces customarily to use.

"The airport runs lowermost level " in except the regulation outside visual range of Yun Gaohe runway, still increased a lowest to drop tall or make a decision is high. Track visual range is the driver can see the space of clear runway mark or lamplight on track central line. Lowest drops tall be using glide guided appearance is entered close in the lowest that allows a plane to drop is tall, it is according to entering close area He Fufei finally the Gao Hechao of highest fraise jumps over the area the element decides the safety of more than degrees of etc with indispensible fraise. Can see enter the mouth into close lamp, runway or other and OK identifying in the driver only track enters the mouth indicate and the plane already was worn at normal consider oneself
The position of land, just allow to continue to drop to lowest tall the following, the minimum that should carry a provision otherwise drops Gao Zhifu flying dot begins answer fly. Make a decision is high it is to use glide introductory appearance is entered close in the decision continues to drop or instantly answer the lowermost height limitation that fly, it is the height according to fraise, answer the high loss of the plane when flying and other and safe factor are certain. Because of
This lowest drops to be mixed high make a decision is high it is to using the appearance of different navigation establishment to enter close in prevent the lowest of fraise barge against is safe all round plane and airport height, not be weather element.

Cent of standard of airport moving lowest is land lowermost standard and takeoff lowest standard.

Land lowermost standard, according to uses navigation installation cent is blame nicety to enter enter nearly two kinds with nicety nearly. Use complete to beacon (VOR) , without directional beacon (NDB) etc without glide guided appearance is entered it is blame nicety to enter nearly close, blame nicety is entered land nearly lowermost standard includes lowest to drop to be mixed high track visual range (or visibility) two elements.
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