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Knowledge of air traffic control
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Have management and pilot business to the activity in the sky of aerostat, include information of business of air traffic control, flight and business of give an alarm. Its task is; Prevent aerostat in collision, prevent the airport to reach its the aerostat inside around airspace is the same as an obstacle
Content barge against; Uphold order of the traffic in sky, the traffic in safeguard sky is expedite, make sure flight safety is mixed improve flight efficiency.

The origin of air traffic control

Aerostat flies to limitative element is affected and restrict all sorts of elements of aerostat flight. Include:

The limitation of 1. aerostat function: Port of ⒀ of  of Qiong of bank of a mythical bird like the phoenix of ⑵ of Chu of secondary Piao of Na Tao of  of brilliant of coerce of  of cover with a straw mat of Mu of brilliant  bald Nuo wrings those vulgar to take the plane before?0 time to cannot fly to Tibetan highland, and there is many now model flying function rises in downy airport fall.
2. The limitation of weather condition: Different model aerostat has different flight atmosphere level, absolutely " await a plane greatly completely " it is nonexistent.
The limitation of the flight task with not congenial 3. : Conveyor asks in relatively fixed height the layer flies, and different model the plane has layer of different optimal flight height. Agricultural plane sprays the requirement when pesticide flies in low altitude, fly lowlier to spray usually the effect is better.
The limitation of 4. time: To prevent a plane to appear in the sky danger is close to or barge against, want already in the space perpendicular direction and horizontal way maintain high difference and distance, want on time at the same time reasonable allocate order, pull open time-interval.
5. The limitation of geographical environment: If the prominence such as tower of report of mountain peak, high pressure, television tower is right the flight is influential, flight regulation has a variety of restriction to this. Still have, airspace of important place of main city urban district, military affairs forbids to fly, label " restricted airspace " .
6. ground ensures the limitation of establishment:
7 ground face the restriction of empty activity: If antiaircraft firing shooting range has area airspace of the activity, prohibit the airlines flies.

Anyhow, aerostat is take off below limited space, limited time and finite condition, descend and fly, the restriction that accepts a lot of element as a result of the flight of aerostat and influence, people carries the painful lesson of practice and flight accident, the regulations system that in forming sky of one bushing manage stage by stage, flies and organization, namely air traffic control.
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