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Left 2007 paper airline ticket at the appointed time the whole world unites use
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At the appointed time the whole world unites use electron airline ticket, passenger but free " heart water " the seat does oneself board the plane formalities

Report from our correspondent (Peng 珺 of reporter of reporter Deng constant) yesterday, southern airline is in Guangzhou head pushs fare of electronic passenger ticket " self-help boards the plane " service, exchange boarding check through special device proper motion namely, choose favorite place by oneself, need not queue up to await a staff member to exchange. Na Hang discloses at the same time, according to international boat assist plan, will use electronic passenger ticket in the round inside global limits before 2007, cancel paper passenger ticket at the same time. It is reported, this year the end of the year, na Hang is in Guangzhou only then self-help of electronic passenger ticket is carried out to board the plane in the round on hair course, and the international course such as beautiful day Han also will carry out electronic passenger ticket first.

Yesterday morning 10:28, netease author holds Ding Lei of presiding framework stylist concurrently to use self-help of electronic passenger ticket to serve the first person as Chinese civil aviaton, the spot demonstrated self-help of passenger ticket of Na Hang electron to be worth aircraft flow. A form code route that after the ticket is being ordered to succeed on passenger net, will get printing is only, taking journey sheet next, machine hall is awaited in white cloud airport through putting in similar 4 of machine extraction a money special machine undertake scanning, passenger full name, boat can appear on screen paragraph, board the plane the information such as time, cabin seat or berth, after affirming, enter seat choice namely, after affirming again, can print boarding check. Self-help value opportunity prints the boarding check that give to be able to be made submit an expense account the proof is used, whole technological process does not arrive one minute.

Be in charge of developing engineer introduction of the system according to Na Hang, this system is by Na Hang relevant section consults international serves flow and standard to be developed independently, at present the system is restricted to grow up to come in Guangzhou only temporarily of Changsha one-way on use, to this year the end of the year, na Hang is all Guangzhou only then ticket of hair airliner adult, children can be used entirely.

It is reported, self-help seizes the opportunity the system is great and convenient those often take a plane but the guest that does not need to consign baggage, can save time queueing up apparently, special in value opportunity fastigium. Also be expected to reduce the working load when the height that is worth machine bar greatly at the same time.
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