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The passenger of airline ticket of electron of the boat austral partial hold can be in white cloud airport self-help is dealt with board the plane formalities, exchange boarding check through special device proper motion, choose favorite place by oneself, need not queue up to await a staff member to exchange. Na Hang serves this to belong to initiate in home. Yesterday morning 10 when, na Hang still invited Netease to create population Lei to use self-help of electronic passenger ticket to serve the first person as Chinese civil aviaton.  

Self-help of the 4 boat austral the stage is dealt with board the plane the server finds a place for in Bai Yun airport near a door, appearance and bank ATM are about the same, after passenger scanning takes the sheet of airline ticket journey of a form code, the system can bomb a full name, ship paragraph, board the plane the information such as time, cabin seat or berth, seat choice is entered namely after the passenger affirms, boarding check can be printed after affirming. Boarding check can be made submit an expense account the proof is used. Self-help boards the plane the system is restricted to grow up to come in Guangzhou only temporarily Changsha is one-way on use, will popularize Na Hang very quickly all Guangzhou only then hair airliner. Li Kun of standing vise general manager represents boat share south, used electronic passenger ticket in the round inside global limits before 2007, cancel paper passenger ticket at the same time.