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Domestic flight number (whole journey) broadcast word
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⑴ welcoming speech
Ladies, gentlemen:
Welcome you to take XX_____ of Chinese XX airline scheduled flight to head for _____ (midway descends _____ ) . _____ is apart from to the flight of ____ is _______ , time of the flight in predicting sky is cent of ________ hour _______ . Flight height ______ rice, flight rate is average horary _______ kilometer.
To ensure plane navigation the regular job of system of a few communication, take off in the plane and drop do not use please in the process portable computer, do not use portable phone please in whole range, remote control toy, electronic sport plane, the electronic equipment such as laser phonograph and electric frequency receiver.
The plane was about very quickly to take off, cabin steward has safe examination now. Ask you to had sat, fasten good safety belt, pack up seat to rely on Bei and teapoy board. The portable article that asks you to affirm you whether appropriate puts overhead inside square baggage price or seat allots. (ban on opium-smoking and the opium trade of this second airliner whole journey, do not smoke please in flight route. )
Grow of this second airliner by Wu tell in coordination steward is name of the _______ on machine to provide seasonable and considerate service for you wholeheartedly.
Good Morning (afternon, evening) , ladies And Gentlemen:
Welcome Aboard XX Airlines Flight XX______to______(via______) The Distance Between______and_______is______kilometers. Our Flight Will Take ________ Hours And_______minutes. We Will Be Flying At An Altitude Of________meters And The Average Speed Is_______ Kilometers Per Hour.
In Order To Ensure The Normal Operation Of Aircraft Navigation And Communication Systems, passengers Are Toys, and Other Electronic Devices Throughout The Flight And The Laptio Computers Are Not Allowed To Use During Take-off And Landing.
We Will Take Off Immediately, please Be Seated, fasten Your Seat Belt, and Make Sure Your Seat Back Is Straight Up, your Tray Table Is Closed And Your Carry-on Items Are Securely Stowed In The Overhead Bin Or Under The Seat In Front Of You. (This Is A Non-smoking Flight, please Do Not Smoke On Board. Please Do Not Smoke On Board..
The (chief) Purser _________with All Your Crewmembers Will Be Sincerely At Your Service. We Hope You Enjoy The Flight! Thank You!
The broadcast after ⑵ takes off
Ladies, gentlemen:
Our plane has left _____ to head for _____ , along this course, we fly the province of classics has _______ , the main city of the course has _______ , we still will fly across _____ .
In this paragraph of journey, we prepared XX meal for you. When offerring food, we inform you of broadcast.
The use method of cabin equipment will introduce to you below:
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