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The United States asks to enter a country airliner passenger provides individual
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According to Reuter report, american land installs all official 12 days to offer, enter a country to avoid doubtful terrorist, the airliner outside the condition needs an etc of passenger full name before take off relevant data provides American government.

If pass, this new proposal will replace present safety precaution, at the appointed time, complete manifest need not be offerred after the airliner outside the condition takes off. This second reading aim to improve a safety precaution, also can avoid a few awkwardness and inconvenience at the same time, the policy that American authorities implements now is, if manifest is not complete or the government discovers doubtful personnel, so be about to change course to land separately.

"We are principal the purpose is to prevent terrorist to publish international flight number. " Qieertuofu says · of Er of Michael of minister of land safety ministry.

Airline and private group ever put forward crosscurrent to this policy, airline is not willing the daily activity that other interferes him, and private group thinks security does not need all individual data, this includes the passenger's full name, address and telephone call among them.