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The passenger should know airliner news ahead of schedule by plane
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Be worth the summer at present, thunder wet enrages grow in quantity, civil aviaton personage reminds broad passenger, summer ascends confidential to notice to know airliner news ahead of schedule.

The bedding face that Wang Yongsheng of minister of ministry of propaganda of ministry of job of boat Party committee holds 14 days in capital airport accumulates the country say on communication seminar of airliner incur loss through delay, the tall hair that thunderstorm season often is airliner incur loss through delay period. The citizen that seize the opportunity or goes to the airport receiving a visitor is in before going out, had better dial an advisory telephone call that takes airline first, or dial civil aviaton information to inquire a phone directly, the newest tendercy that knows a flight number in time and take off, arrival time, such facilitating the route that arranges oneself.

Wang Jiadong of general manager of Inc. of Beijing capital International Airport hopes obligate of time of passenger a favourable turn is enough. He says, a lot of need turn the passenger of international airliner, because of the cause of incur loss through delay of domestic flight number, cannot join smoothly international airliner. Concern a provision according to civil aviaton, airliner of change trains international must have 4 hours above join time; Flight number of change trains home must have 2 hours above join time. And airline to be not our company join the airliner does not assume any indirect responsibility. Accordingly, in join when the airliner, must stay have time of enough a favourable turn. Should mature wait for objective element to situation of weather, transportation, because afore-mentioned reasons are caused,avoid as far as possible by accident machine.