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International passenger books formalities of seat of airliner of domestic couple
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International passenger books seat of airliner of domestic couplet Cheng to must deal with following formalities:

  1. Take the guest of flight number of our country time, if book seat of airliner of domestic couplet Cheng, place or agent are dealt with to put forward to decide an application outside must be stationed in each to me beforehand.
  2. When the passenger books seat of airliner of domestic couplet Cheng, the exact date that must explain its arrive at Cheng of domestic each couplet to stand and name of domestic connection unit, address, telephone number, so that the institution functioning abroad reports home in time,station of each couplet Cheng masters a circumstance.
  3. Outside outside be stationed in each, handling affairs or after agent receives a passenger to apply for, it is in before the passenger seizes the opportunity 6 months, through phone, direct book domestic couplet about booking office to home seat of Cheng Hang class.
  4. The passenger is in if couplet Cheng keeps above 72 hours, the reconfirm that must deal with place to decide a seat in couplet Cheng place (the passenger also can pass phone reconfirm) ; Keep inadequacy 72 hours, can not do reconfirm procedure, couplet Cheng station must assure a seat.