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Branch of Na Hang Shenzhen machine Wu person is hardworking work ingeniously is
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The excellent service that this year is Na Hang year, what its serve a tenet to assure an airliner namely is normal, convenient, provide the client's gratified and satisfactory service. Consequently, a gleam of that as Na Hang aircraft of Shenzhen branch safeguard moves normally -- machine Wu, they know very well the responsibility that goes up personally is major, it is none lax more in the job, what for Na Hang Shenzhen branch achieves service and beneficial result is double win do one's best.

Plane of boat Shenzhen branch maintains factory line south 2 workshops place hold B-2473 date plane of the canal, the series of first Boeing 747-400F that runs for market of domestic freight transport is large total cargo aircraft, it is the window that Na Hang serves external, its are carrying out Shenzhen for a long time -- Angeleiji, Shenzhen -- Shanghai Pudong -- Amuxitedan international cargo line, all the time since the excellent service that providing satisfaction to client of home, international.

However, because move busily, bear for a long time of heavy load advocate hold lades the system appeared breakdown, distributing in whole advocate hold everywhere component of much power drive (PDU) cannot work normally. The TELAIR hold on the plane lades the system is completely dynamoelectric pilot, as core of dynamoelectric pilot drive, drive component bedding face accumulates occurrence breakdown, cause hold to lade necessarily operate break down. The convenience report when original province is dynamic discharge becomes what rely on manpower completely to assemble and unassemble, caused manpower not only expend, still make of goods assemble and unassemble time twice increases, the stops resource of a charge, manpower to wait addition that this causes makes the aircraft moves cost to increase considerably, still caused airliner incur loss through delay to make company place is paid attention to retentive standard feature, convenient the service sells at a discount greatly.

The machine Wu person that guarantees personnel as the plane is more those who realized a problem is serious, to remove the trouble of the plane, restore the good reputation of the company, control airliner runs cost, develop all intelligence an wisdom. 3 section workshop section grows Wei Hongbo lead one's men in an act, on the foundation that in reasonable give attention to two or morethings other fare scheduled flight ensures normally, organize 4 worker to have comprehensive, meticulous general investigation to the hold of B-2473 date plane, search the specific reason of breakdown, in order to take seasonable and significant step. They try hard through two hours, arrive to lade to whole hold greatly of the system operate, small to every drive component, the every gyro wheel, microscope that rolls a club, discovered in all 50 drive component cannot normal drive, accurate recorded specific place. And, attentive Comrade Wei Hongbo still discovered the prime cause of breakdown, the rubber tyre on package wears away serious, make thereby rubber tyre cannot drive goods board cause cannot lade normally. Further, he affirmed these rubber tyre is to be able to be torn open of outfit.
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