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A couplet chief of a tribe airline -- our development strategy grows namely
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Make up translator to note: Maurice Flanagan holds the position of A couplet chief of a tribe at present airline carries out a vice-chairman. Well-known, some closer the development rate at a tremendous pace of year of this airline, plus enlighten do obeisance to an International Airport heart and soul support, the company is in a few years short in gain fame flourishing of present development state of affairs a light. Professional recently magazine " international airline " interviewed this tall canal on a special trip, ask him to elaborate a company to will plan henceforth in detail.

What does aviation of A couplet chief of a tribe obtain successful crucial factor to have? What kind of important role did the open sky policy that A couplet chief of a tribe implements act?

A long time ago, enlighten a trade centre that doing obeisance to is whole area. Occasionally people can misunderstand us is use oil dollar thereby of make a great coup. Actually enlighten do obeisance to all the time since extend carrying trade and newsletter line of business hammer and tongs. Develop tourism energetically in recent years, serve as this enlighten the 3 big pillar that do obeisance to economic progress.

Airline begins chief of a tribe of couplet of the A 21 years ago operation, opportunity special be helpful for us developing. The government had pursued open sky policy in those days. This policy produced crucial effect successfully to the company. The agreement of we and United States is the eye of the key. After signing a sky to open a deliberation, this gifts our huge market extends a scope. But from the whole world character, open sky matters concerned still is to hesitate to move forward.

Whether will be regulation of system of ownership met henceforth whether can be freedom and industry conformity unlocked?

National creed still exists, originally greatly in the root in aviation industry, volt rises and fall since airline, but they won't disappear commonly, change his appearance to appear afresh however. Aviation alliance can not resolve this kind of situation, the industry recombines affirmative meeting to happen.

We join in without interest at present an aviation is allied. Because company brand is good,this is, and the control frame of A couplet chief of a tribe lets us carry out careful dilate. At present company already administer sri lanka airline. Company of short duration won't consider to build more cooperation joint-stock company.

Whether do you identify chief of a tribe of the couplet that be A is airline internationally brand?

It is absolutely! Our route network pervades the whole world. We had built the ground of base oneself upon in American market, will extend business further. The company planned open up to fly to the course of south Africa 2007, come to a company so route network pervaded 5 continent. If do not have strong brand support, we are to cannot be in of global operation. Of company income 3.9% use at all sorts of market sale and assistance activity to wait, for instance we sponsorred FIFA (world sufficient couplet) wait with world cup football match. This kind of course of action is close friends more than pure advertisement effect.
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