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Compose builds branch of Chongqing of boat of country of height of strategy of b
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16 when carry out a party to be development further 6 in plenary meeting spirit, harmony of branch of Chongqing of stimulative country boat develops, a few days ago, boat Chongqing branch is in the country to ask for opinion and the foundation that discuss repeatedly extensively to go up, make print and distribute " the executive way that compose builds harmonious company " (the following abbreviation " method " ) , put forward compose to establish the train of thought of harmonious company, target and strategic mission.

" method " analysed a country compose builds boat Chongqing branch the situation that harmonious company place faces, summed up 5 of the valuable experience that the country accumulates since boat Chongqing branch is long-term and construction of influence harmony company adverse elements. Point out at the same time, advance harmonious company to build energetically, it is a country boat Chongqing branch seizes main strategy opportunity period, produce base advantage adequately, exploration coordinates the underlying demand of the road of development scientificly; It is to achieve a nation at an early date boat " 4 big " strategic goal, bear has the inevitable choice of the glorious mission that the history gifts; It is a country boat Chongqing branch and when all is entered, implementation health, fast, can last, those who coordinate development is important assure.

" method " assignment of the guiding ideology that made clear compose to build harmonious company, goal and working principle. Country compose builds boat Chongqing branch the guiding ideology of harmonious company is: Insist to be mixed theoretically with Deng Xiaoping " 3 delegates " serious thought is guidance, insist to watch all to get a branch to reform the overall situation of development with developing scientificly, insist to be built in all in the faculty below the leader of branch Party committee share harmony, insist to liberate thought, newer idea, insist to handle reform, development and stable relation correctly, handle the relation of safe, on schedul, service and benefit correctly, hold to science management company, hold to with look forward to of rule of virtue, hold to scientific and reasonable loaves and fishes to allocate a principle, according to stable and friendly affection of democratic law, fair justice, sincere letter, red-blooded, orderly requirement, of branch of base oneself upon actual, exert oneself solves worker masses to care most, the the directest, realest interest problem, solve influence branch harmony to develop stage by stage, the system mechanism issue that takes essential sex, raise party compose to build the capability of harmonious company hard, the innovation vigor that enhances a branch ceaselessly, enhance harmonious atmosphere, initiate the new phase that harmony of branch development, employee development and area socioeconomy develops hard.
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