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Chinese civil aviaton will use system of world earth coordinate in the round
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A few days ago, the country approved Chinese civil aviaton to use system of world earth coordinate since July 1, 2007 about the branch (WGS-84) . Chinese civil aviaton will be in in the near future in the system of this one coordinate that transfers to set to use international Civil Aviation Organization, the safety that flies in stimulative sky in the round and smooth.

As we have learned, the measurement that this coordinate system uses generally as domain of global civil aviation is fiducial, the comprehensive application that is helpful for new technology of the stimulative satellite navigation, area navigation, voyage in enhancing the sky such as close ground give an alarm and sufficient play plane are advanced and airborne the action of equipment, to solving western the safety of complex airport runs landform problem, raise area of the eastpart part the use efficiency of finite airspace resource also has profit greatly.

It is reported, civil aviaton total bureau will begin each preparation work as soon as possible, according to first urgent hind the coordinate data that the principle of delay will concern situation stage by stage transfers WGS-84 coordinate system, solve boat of good the army and the people at the same time common the harmonious problem between coordinate data, had handled active coordinate and WGS-84 coordinate the independence between two databases system and correlation.

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