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Ao Kai airline opens Tianjin successfully to reach Nanjing, Guilin course
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On April 15, 2007, limited company of Ao Kai aviation opens Tianjin successfully -- Nanjing course. The success of this course debuts to interacted to provide medium of communication of the transportation in quick sky with travel collaboration to strengthen the trade between Tianjin and Nanjing better, to strengthening Nanjing and Tianjin the connection between two ground will have positive stimulative effect.

This airliner is weekly 3 (Zhou Er, Zhou Wu, weekday) ply between Tianjin and Nanjing, 737-500 of You Bo sound plane hold fly, flight time is 07:40 take off from Tianjin, 10:00 after arriving at Nanjing, return, 11:40 arrive at Tianjin. Ao Kai airline still pursues the development case as the market increase airliner number increasingly.

Two days ago on April 13, ao Kai airline already opened Tianjin -- Guilin course, every week 2, Zhou Wu goes there and back between Tianjin and Guilin, 737-800 of You Bo sound plane hold fly. Flight time is 06:00 take off from Tianjin, 08:45 after arriving at Guilin, return, 12:00 arrive at Tianjin.

Limited company of Ao Kai aviation