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Department of flight of Donghang Jiangxi branch is censorial the airliner outsid
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On April 16, it is safe, normal to move to assure an airliner better, the member that department of flight of boat Jiangxi branch is sent east heads for Shanghai base, the aircrew after change garments according to the season of censorial Xiaqiu airliner is stationed in outside administrative regulations and attendant 4 reach the designated position be on duty the executive circumstance of the system.

Supervisor and air man had have an informal discussion, understand them in detail outer flight circumstance, the bird that raised the near future to happen a few cases to be not factitious element to cause attacks incident, should cause the attention of all flight personnel, emphasize wanting to hold sober head on the thought, strengthen special affection deals with ability, have specific aim have vocational study. The supervisor asks attendant should strengthen the connection with AOC of Dong Hang headquarters, detailed knowledge flight number runs state, be aimed at weather of summertime thunderstorm, gale easy the condition that causes airliner incur loss through delay, deal with beforehand case should sufficient.

The supervisor still visited the relevant logistics unit that ensures this branch airliner to move, to bed and board of guesthouse fire control, unit, car the respect such as safeguard undertakes communication, reached to the problem that appears in airliner change garments according to the season consistent.

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