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Profit of net of make up the deficits and get surpluses of success of the boat a
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On April 16, inc. of Chinese southern aviation (abbreviation " Na Hang " ) published annual report of 2006 year company, announce the company realized management gain 2006. This is China the successful make up the deficits and get surpluses of the biggest airline. This company annual report says, the boat austral 2006 advocate business Wu income is a RMB about forty-seven billion and forty-seven million yuan, profit total RMB 306 million yuan, net profit is a RMB 118 million yuan.

With photograph of the corresponding period was compared 2005, na Hang 2006 advocate business Wu income grew 20.47% compared to the same period, net profit grew 106.58% compared to the same period, implementation manages amplitude many yuan 20. 2006, na Hang hit with management respect in safety beautiful " turn over battle " .

Management income achieves rapid growth

2006, accompanying the steady growth of Chinese economy, aviation carries demand to appear to grow strong, na Hang starts strategic transition in time, carry out transform to the run mode of network operation from linear operation, it is a target with client demand, increase service innovation investment, strict control runs cost, through popularizing sale of electronic passenger ticket, client the method such as close service increases product quality to reform, achieve scientific sale. Overcome aviation oil price to be in the difficulty of historical perch at the same time, realized volume of company objective cargo and earnings level to increase considerably, integral business income achieved faster growth.

Last year, na Hang is finished in all carry total volume 8.071 billion ton kilometer, passenger volume 49.21 million person-time, goods mails traffic 819 thousand tons, occupy gross of Chinese civil aviaton respectively 26.8% , 31% with 24% . Among them, na Hang accelerates an international market to change pace, signed what join a day to close allied level to accord with to run an agreement, have the aid of and domestic and international aviation carry the collaboration of strategic associate, the penetration that increases global market and cover a range, new open up the course of 16 international scheduled service such as Lagesi, Teheran, gained point of 9 international be open to navigation or air traffic newly, make the passenger transport income of domestic line of Na Hang, international course and freight and amplitude of mail transportation income achieved two digit above, obtained the best management level since the history.

Na Hang carried a passenger to even more because of annual 2005 44.12 million person-time, before entering world aviation passenger transport 10 strong, boat of the countryman in becoming enters world aviation passenger transport exclusively the airline of 10 strong cavalcade. Considering the growth of Chinese civil aviaton speed precedes at other country and area, the rank of the boat austral 2006 in respect of world aviation passenger traffic volume will continue to reside before the world 10 strong cavalcade firmly. This is an extraordinary success, it is an epitome that Chinese civil aviaton transforms to civil aviaton powerful nation by civil aviaton big country, be worth pride.
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