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Boat and Bank of China sign the country agreement of cooperation of strategy of
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On April 26, bank of China and China International airline are signed in Beijing " Beijing Olympic Games strategy cooperated 2008 agreement " . Li Lihui of Bank of China's president, Hua Qingshan's assistant president, president of Li Jiaxiang of China International airline, yuan Bin of BOCOG market development department's minister, visa international organizes Asia-Pacific division president to hold presiding apparitor concurrently to Mr Qi Rubai and the honored guest that come from business of partner of each Olympic Games are attended and witness this one important hour.

According to the agreement, bank of China and China International airline will produce bilateral resource advantage adequately, be developed together further and popularize an Olympic Games relevant product and service. Both sides will begin Olympic Games sale to cooperate on Olympic Games platform, enhance alternate sale, the oldest rate uses the assistance rights and interests of Olympic Games partner, the professional work that begins much territory, polymorphous pattern cooperates, consider to develop new product jointly, it is Beijing jointly the Olympic Games offerred Gao Shuiping to serve 2008. As the significant move that fulfils collaboration of Olympic Games strategy, both sides still is signed at the same time " award letter forehead integratedly to spend an agreement " , " agreement of big client cooperation " and " " country boat bosom friend " in agreement of cooperation of credit card of silver-colored Visa Olympic Games " .

Mr Li Lihui shows president of Bank of China: "Bank of China and China International airline are maintaining deep, stable, friendly collaboration relationship for a long time, both sides is in all many sided such as financing, settle accounts, fund management, financial management began fruitful collaboration. The subscription of agreement of cooperation of strategy of this Olympic Games, the strategic partner that is sure to consolidate and deepen bilateral and long-term cooperation, mutual depend on sb or sth for existence concerns, two enterprises develop turning point of Olympic Games of collective have the aid of more vast development space. Both sides still will pass resource to share further henceforth, product innovation, across serves, provide more convenient service for broad client, create greater value. Create greater value..

Mr Li Jiaxiang shows president of China International airline: "China International airline and Bank of China are Beijing together Olympic Games assemble made associate 2008, having a service Olympic Games, creat noble common cause. Of agreement of this cooperation of strategy of second Olympic Games sign a mark to wear bilateral collaboration strode new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. In the Olympic Games on the platform of a such globalization, our thinking with innovation, will long-term program, the advantage achieves in different domain complementary, in escort the Emperor successfully for 2008 Olympic Games convoy while, also bring more high grade product and service and wonderful personalized experience for broad user. Also bring more high grade product and service and wonderful personalized experience for broad user..
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