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Air man of boat Jiangsu company goes to experience of Nanjing steely group to lo
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"Spray of molten steel 4 splash beauty, steel-making works however very hardships. " " compare with the steelworker rise, the job that we pursue is how lucky. " this is air man of Donghang Jiangsu company people the deepest feeling after visiting Nanjing steely group.

On April 17 afternoon, before boat Jiangsu company flies to travel department Party committee to organize more than 30 air man east, toward Nanjing iron and steel the group looks round an experience. According to Dong Hangjiang Su Gong manages Yuluojia of secretary of flight department Party committee introduces: The choice is in develop this activity, it is to allow air man people the hardships that experiences steelworker of a gleam of personally before 51 labor day, learn them to be in working strength is great, the cautious and conscientious in the post with working poor environment, without the attitude that blames the job that do not have regret, use this kind of drive of the steelworker in flight job.

In seeing a team this, have pilot, have deputy drive, still have the flight student that just graduated from the school, in staff member of Nanjing steely group accompany told unship to visit steel-making workshop, puddling workshop and steel rolling workshop early or late, in lofty steel-making furnace, splattering spray of molten steel, before red ingle, air man people saw with one's own eyes was witnessed " iron and steel is how refine becomes " , experienced the hardships that steelworkers work in the high temperature in 559 Celsius personally. More produced huge shock, say just like a pilot: "With iron and steel worker comparing rises, the job that we pursue is how lucky, we should be cherished well at the moment, contend for one of becoming air man ' good steel ' . Contend for one of becoming air man ' good steel ' ..

Graph: The air man of Donghang Jiangsu company people the introduction that listening to staff member of Nanjing steely group seriously

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