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To the country boat Chongqing branch chooses those who hire senior assistant man
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  Editor's note: End on April 28, 2007, after the time that passed left and right sides of a month, branch of boat share Chongqing finished the country smoothly to organize transition person hillock to match medium key one annulus -- of senior assistant manager anthology hire the job.

2007 is the key that materiality of boat organization transition pushs the country year, party committee of branch of boat share Chongqing is opposite the country the arduous sex of transition has sufficient knowledge, them senior manager anthology hire as crucial point and breach, advance person hillock to match the job steadily. Carry out a proof, this action is helpful for building good reform atmosphere, be helpful for those who realize new origanization construction moving as soon as possible, be helpful for person hillock the experience that match is explored and be being accumulated, be advanced what be helpful for organizing transition steadily and stabilize.

Leader of branch of boat share Chongqing represents the state, as a breach, of post of sectional manager class anthology hire be just like to just appear the small carry on one's shoulder of surface, small carry on one's shoulder just shows pointed pointed character, early dragonfly establishs above. They believe firmly, be full of flourishingly the small carry on one's shoulder of opportunity of survival will grow very quickly to be built to prop up day of carry on one's shoulder, the motive force with the development powerful infuse of the boat that it is a country.

On April 6, 2007 morning 9 when whole, li Wensheng is punctual appear in the country senior assistant manager chooses branch of boat share Chongqing on the speech stage that hires the spot. Below the stage, with the country Long Jiang of general manager of branch of boat share Chongqing is the 13 commissioners member of colonel to expect a long time already. To scene of this one act, li Wensheng is not unfamiliar. It is early two years ago, li Wensheng has accepted strict interview, he carries assessment smoothly, be served for cabin by appoint to a position department assistant manager.

Today, stand on speech stage again, what Li Wensheng experiences is with last completely different pressure, it is the contest that be a certain position and undertakes directly is hired this no longer. It is reported, what as the branch hillock of constituent transition go-between matchs is important one annulus, branch of boat share Chongqing will pass the country to interview of written examination, practicality rejoins and evaluate the assessment result of 3 big content democratically, give the mothball person selected of senior assistant manager certainly, change character, the interview that Li Wensheng attends this is the qualification of senior assistant manager takes an exam only.
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