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Country AERAD of department of boat southwest flight is Chinese and English cont
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Recently, through the tough effort with much half an year, the AERAD flight that organization of department of flight of boat southwest branch compiles the country is supplementary information -- Chinese and English contrast translation comes out. This book divides fluctuation book, issue 800 first, hand of all flight personnel.

AERAD is the person that as eponymous as JEPPESEN civil aviaton chart and flight data are offerred, for the whole world many airline provides flight news service. Among them, AERAD flight is supplementary the indispensible tool that information is navigation of the communication in international course flight, included a large number of flights relevant data, content includes list of atmosphere, regular, communication, airport, move, program of code, air traffic control and abnormal program, can go to the lavatory air man consults at any time in the flight all sorts of wants information, decreased to be not worth and create the possibility of flight accident and accident because of air man information greatly. However, system of interior of AERAD flight data is huge, together with is complete English version, although more expensive flight personnel also wants English standard,bad news uses a large number of time, ability development comprehends be well versed in.

From last year second half of the year rises, department of flight of boat southwest branch is in the country of general manager Li Yunchuan guide below, throw much labor power, material resources and financial capacity, the organization arranges personnel to undertake an interpreter to AERAD flight data. Holding the position of what translate the task this is to carry on for a long time the flight of intercontinental course task one group. After receiving the job, flight one group organizes the air man with partial English higher level actively to be engaged in translating the job. Participate in the enterprise that the personnel that compile is in charge of with the enthusiasm to the flight and height, assuming busy flight job while, overcame time to tighten, the task is heavy, the difficulty with high demand, use breathing space to work overtime, do not divide interpreter of day and night, proofread, editor, composing, gave much arduous work, make inside shorter time this book is able to come out smoothly. The emission of this book gets the guidance of southwest branch leader and relevant function branch and help, chen Zhiyong of southwest branch vise general manager still writes order for its personally.

AERAD is Chinese and English contrast translation studies reference book as, used Chinese and English contrasting form, have the translation of Chinese already, can consult again accurate English is textual, can help flight personnel understand AERAD quickly, learn better textual, achieve adroitness control then and apply in actual flight. Of this book come out, when executing international airliner mission to air man, make sure safety of international airliner flight has important sense. In the meantime, also will master knowledge of international course flight to help air man understand, raise accomplishment of air man major to produce positive stimulative effect.
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