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Russian plane disregards U.N. ban to fly to Iraq 2000-09-18
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In new network Beijing a plane disregarded message; Russia on September 17 U.N. is right Iraqi punish, weekday is carrying oil ministry official to fly to Iraqi capital Bagdad.

Iraqi news agency reports, the plane flies to Bagdad International Airport by Moscow directly, the altogether on the plane has senior official of 11 oil ministry, but the report did not disclose, whether does Russia have the punish committee that notifies U.N. with respect to this flight.

Going up 17 days month, reopen of Bagdad International Airport, after two days, also plane of a Russia is flown to, become Iraq to meet with U.N. punish 10 since, first fly to the foreign plane of Bagdad.

This month 14 days, the airline Aeroflot with the largest Russia, also announce the flight number that restores Bagdad of purpose serves, weigh an agency in Bagdad. Additional, jordan carries a minister to express, authorities also is considering to restore to serve toward Iraqi airliner, but still concern detail in research at present.