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Of each country head " the official mansions in sky "
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★ United States

The presidential private plane that Clinton takes is called aircraftman date. Presidential private plane still has an informal title is: "The elliptic office in the flight " -- the presidential office outside the White House.

Present aircraftman date is to be in Boeing company to be ordered technically those who do, 1990 consign is used. Before this " Boeing 707, 320 " used nearly 30 years. The private plane of 8 aircraftman date in the past shows the air force museum that park is in Ohio.

There are bedroom of presidential appropriative parlor, president, first-lady bedroom, washroom, bathroom and office on aircraftman date. Still have assembly room, small-sized clinic. The kitchen in sky can satisfy the repast need of 100 people at the same time. Aircraftman date can carry 2000 food every time.

Clinton's private plane has two, namely lead plane and deputy machine. If lead plane malfunctions, the president is OK at any time change deputy machine. When encountering missile to make a surprise attack, machine physical ability gives out a kind of electromagnetic wave automatically, with will draw attack, protect escape from a danger of presidential private plane.

★ Russia

1994, yeltsin feels oneself private plane is greatly inferior at American president " aircraftman date " . The time that an aircraft production company used Switzerland more than 3 years, be in eventually 1996 Russia president " Yi Er, 62M " private plane transformed what have contemporary and luxurious air quite " Yi Er, 96 " new-style private plane, cost 200 million dollar.

The presidential private plane of general Beijing is called by the Russian " the palace of the flight " , the reason depends on his luxurious degree rudes definitely Lin Gong of kind of Yu Keli Mu. Wallboard is ligneous completely, tonal and dark, grave. The establishment inside machine is luxurious, have a 2 a bathroom, bedrooms, assembly room that can hold 12 people and other establishment. The office of general Beijing makes an appointment with 10 square metre, the president goes what be passed to be myth when travel " nuclear pushbutton " portfolio is put here.

Yi Er, 96 flights are absolutely and safe. When general Beijing takes private plane to visit, want to employ 5 planes commonly. Private plane is when Russia churchyard flight, two is wear revive, 27 or MiG, 29 battleplan convoy. After leaving the country, by the place the country offers congener battleplan convoy.

★ Italy

The administer below Italian government general office team of a small flight, it by two the 3rd generation " the bay flows " card plane, two " falcon - GOOEX " plane, 4 " falcon - SO " plane and two " A319CJ " airbus composition. "A319CJ " be known as " the bright phearl of aviation industry " .

The forehead of the airbus is the office of head trusted follower. Mid the office that is head, can change his costume or dress to take the bedroom of double bed conveniently when need. The member door of delegacy sits on 48 seats at the back of head area. Plane rear is kitchen and dining-room, the personnel on machine can enjoy various and goluptious spaghetti to reach all sorts of famous brand drink.
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