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Tycoon of 4 big aviation rolls out business of global electron business affairs
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On March 30, boeing company, Losk Heed. Company of Martin company, system of Ying Yuhang electron and Thor company combination announce, establish an independent company, provide service of business affairs of Internet Exchang electron for global aerospace and defense industry.

The Exchang business of new company will with business affairs a company (the Market Site Portal Solution of Commerce One) is a foundation, provide support by Microsoft. It will be the aerospace to the whole world and defense company, airline, relevant trade of supplier kimono Wu is open, make trade on the net.

Trading content involves data of project of aerospace and product of matters pertaining to defense, service, technology to wait, like raw material, use up component of component of electron of component of data of sexual component, technology, aircraft, matters pertaining to defense, make repairs and supply replacements, and the other item of tens of thousands of. A typical civil aircraft contains amount to 6 million component, and match know exactly about sth the technical file data of 1 million pages.

The analyst inside course of study is factitious, wear a business of new electronic business affairs is OK improve global aerospace industry trade efficiency. The electronic market with single have the aid of, manufacturer, supplier, airline and other and relevant section can be reduced trade charge, obtain higher value thereby.

Be in early 1996, boeing company founded the whole world on Internet component of the first civil aircraft orders goods system. 1999, sale of the component on the net of Boeing company exceeds 400 million dollar. Current, many 250 airline and 675 relevant enterprises and Boeing have the whole world the business on the net. Boeing company president holds presiding apparitor Kang Di concurrently to say, network economy brought new business opportunity for Boeing.