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A340 times accept passenger favour
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The market research that the not long ago of MORI of market survey firm with famous England has shows, compare with competitive type photograph, the A340 plane of airbus company configures a respect to get in cockpit layout and engine amount general welcome of the passenger, welcome degree is 5 than 1.

Investigate discovery, the official cabin that there are two places only between cabin passageway arranges 3 places among layout comparing more the reception that gets a fare. The layout of 2-2-2 official cabin of airbus A340 arranged two places between the passageway just about, make every seat with passageway photograph adjacent or rely on a window, satisfied the requirement of most passenger adequately, the official cabin passenger that because this is in investigation,chooses A340 is 91% . Will tell to tourist class passenger, the passenger that has 76% prefers the position that there are 4 places between cabin passageway, namely the 2-4-2 layout of A340.

The passenger is right of A330/A340 series aircraft love degree to be mirrorred on market share directly. So far, 557 when this series aircraft already won 54 clients affirm order goods, than Boeing many 777 many 100 order goods, client amount compares many 777 80% . Be in only 1999, airbus company with respect to work off 68 A330/A340, with Boeing 777 photographs are compared, the market is had rate for 75% . Current, this one delectable outstanding achievement still is continueing, two first this year months, a330/A340 already got 32 acceptance order goods.