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Flower boat explains new idea of the travel in sky
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The traveler flies more comfortable

-- British airline is rolled out " world traveler to honour " super tourist class

Recently, british airline introduced his ceremoniously to invest amount to be as high as 600 million pound to common people (add up to 8 billion RMB about) innovation and improved design product. Ying Hang general in official business cabin head turns the world the first but the bed of complete lie low, what will break 3 class cabin at the same time is traditional, roll out the 4th cabin seat or berth- - super tourist class. For the passenger to taking Ying Hang, arrange of this with one action is a good news undoubtedly.

Super tourist class is an interpose between tourist class and business affairs cabin brand-new cabin seat or berth, this one new shipping space and average tourist class are compared, seat is more capacious, the space of the leg increases apparently, at the same time seat has inside buy carries computer power source and phone to insert aperture, the space that sets portable baggage increased one times.

In the meantime, ying Hang returned pair of original cabin seat or berth to undertake improve and innovating, "World chamber of commerce " the bed that OK and complete lie low rolls out in cabin, installed exceed power source of big individual TV, portable computer and phone to insert aperture, make official cabin became the anteroom in a sky; New groom first-class stateroom cabin, divide already some but outside the bed of lie low, ying Hang is mixed to seat, TV groom undertook inside cabin, installed computer power source and phone to insert aperture, make the service of first-class stateroom cabin and easy were jumped moderately new tall; Go up in European course head push " European chamber of commerce " official cabin, the characteristic is brand-new leather chair, capacious portable travel Licun puts a space to wait; To the average tourist class in long-distance aircraft group- - " world traveler " cabin is updated in the round, change entirely screen of TV of postposition of seat, the back of the chair; Roll out at the same time " familial tourist is first " with what prepare for children only " bivouac 100 treasure chest " (inside replete all sorts of toys) etc.

Ying Hang has 18 airliners to fly to China every week at present, among them everyday Hong Kong of two non-stop flight to, every week Beijing of 4 non-stop flight to. It affirms to aviation market to the improvement of the airliner is a kind of concussion, to the passenger, this is a superexcellent good news undoubtedly.