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New Zealand boat will adjust a flight number for the Olympic Games
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New Zealand airline already began to consider to be the Sydney Olympic Games this year September to adjust a flight number.

New boat plan increases the flight number between Australia and United States 1 times, go to Sydney in order to deal with viewing the demand of match personage, at the same time the airliner between New Zealand and Australia also should increase. As a result of this one reason, new boat will be forced to decrease to come and go at the airliner of other area in contemporaneity, include the flight number of los angeles, London, Frankfurt among them.

Whether does be related of airline ticket price rise to still did not make known his position during New Zealand airline is met to the Olympic Games. But the message says, come and go at the appointed time the airline ticket price between New Zealand and Australia will from current 500 much newer yuan go up 700 much newer yuan.