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The world each big airline improvement seat condition
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Recently, a few big airline of world begin to consider how to reduce the seat on the plane, let every passenger enjoy larger space, sit better off a few. But of the seat decrease major general to make the passenger must be accepted more expensive than before the airline ticket price of 20% above. This is 20 come for years airline first time adjusts the distance between the seat.

British airline and open up of American combination airline special offer cabin, if you think aboard has bigger individual space, additional overpay chooses fund! It is OK that Ying Hang still increased on a few courses last year the bed of lie low. They think: To bussiness trip businessman, sleep good become aware, energetically devoted job has very big allure undoubtedly.

Beautiful interest firm the practice of airline differs somewhat, they pulled down two pew, reduced seat number 6% , such, all passengers are much 7.6 centimeters space. Of course, after when the price the cheapest rock-bottom seat sells, the passenger must accept a likelihood more expensive than before 20% much still new prices.

Return those who have pair of services to improve with what increase individual space to undertake at the same time. Singapore airline opens up endowment 300 million dollar improves service of first-class stateroom cabin. The passenger should be paid possibly for this more expensive than tourist class an a lot of price of times.