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What person is unfavorable seize the opportunity?
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As economic development, the frequency of compatriots embarkation travel going abroad also heighten of year after year; However, partial people may misgive, whether can oneself physiology state enplane; Or, be like,encounter the sick condition such as dry of tongue of auditive and airsick, unwell, mouth male, this how because answer? Actually, it is not difficult to solve these problems.
After all what person does not suit by airplane? According to medical research, pregnant woman, old people, child suits to enplane not quite actually; Nevertheless, the expert points out, be pregnant the pregnant woman of 36 weeks of less than, want to be evaluated through the doctor only actually, still can enplane. But, should time the ministry that do a leg moves, loose blood circulates, fasten good safety belt at the same time.

The infant is not quite pregnant woman, old person, appropriate

To at old people, if do not have cardiovascular disease, for example hypertensive, heart disease person, OK of course by airplane travels; But, when sufferring from afore-mentioned diseases to must enplane however, the expert thinks, can try to climb a fight of steps of a building to look, when if did not go out,showing any unwell states, should with respect to just as well; But still should ask a doctor to evaluate, consult at the same time how to overcome time difference problem, adjust the Cheng when using drug in order to go to the lavatory.

The near future moves handle art, tympanitis to suffer from best also avoid

In addition, the person of handle art ever was used inside the near future, for example eyeball operation, perhaps suffer from the person that give gastric ulcer of courage and uprightness, tympanitis, unsuited also enplane. The expert points out, because move handle art after,this is, the restitute rate that has a department is differ, had better avoid to enplane be ready for any eventuality; And tympanitis patient is easy and airsick, so unsuited also enplane. Come when to just can be taken at art after, need a doctor to evaluate.
The environment of headroom low oxygen, unsuited also baby, many airline stipulate the baby must be born full ability of 14 days of after boards the plane, lest breathe an organ,cannot suit. To longish of Wu Nian discipline young child, wait because of eardrum, Eustachian tube more sensitive, light person easy cause ear unwell, the person that weigh is easy and airsick, because answer,parents can lead the way such as the gas of young Tong Gu, water that swallow a mouth.

Right amount drink water, artificial tear to complement symptom of body male dry

In fact, besides afore-mentioned circumstances, average person enplanes to produce unwell case likely also, for example, strut of dehydrate of dry of buccal male tongue, skin, footstep, eye male acerbity, intestines and stomach is unwell, auditive ache, airsick vomiting; These actually not only the law can be solved, still can prevent beforehand.
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