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Aviation carries the market
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Domestic line distributinging feature
Of domestic line distributing have the following feature:
(1) line of our country home centers distributinging Yuhaer bank -- one one one Xi'an of Beijing one one one Chengdu one by one the area to the south of one Kunming a gleam of. Among them the trigonometry region with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou is most concentrated. Look on whole, course density is reduced gradually by Dong Xiangxi.
(2) line is much be opposite with the city give priority to, with big, the city is for radiation center in complementary.
(3) domestic main line shows cloth of Xiang Xi of north and south more, on this foundation, have partial line again from coastal upcountry outspread, show a stuff to distributing.

China International course distributinging feature
Of China International course distributing have the following characteristic:
(1) international course of China is a center with Beijing, wait for aviation port through Shanghai, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Dalian, Kunming, Xiamen eastwards, on the west, south 3 radiate.
(2) the mainstream of international course shows a stuff to. Join eastwards Japan, North America, xiang Xilian received middle east, Europe. It is the main component that group of aviation of the Northern Hemisphere brings.
(3) the assorted of important composition ministry that international course of China is carriage net of Asia-Pacific area aviation, and other places of it and South Asia, southeast Asia, Australia has close connection.