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How does the plane rise the otalgia when falling to do?
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Ask: Every time when I take a plane, should fall approach of extrusion of total be deceived of the ear when land, can have even brief miss acute hearing appearance. Often listen to a person to say to swallow saliva or ear of finger a place of strategic importance suddenly, but always disable. Excuse me: One, the pain that what method still can decrease low pressure to cause? 2, have every time miss acute hearing appearance, can you deny cause don't have hearing later really? 3, if I wear industrial earcap (wearing like recording studio, have sound insulation effect) , whether to conduce to bring down atmospheric pressure packing approach function? 4, when breaking acute hearing phenomenon to happen, he Fang law is able to alleviate? 5, have deny any medicaments helps to strengthen contend atmospheric pressure and bring down or avoid to have miss acute hearing appearance? How long to need to take again expend with place a certain number of?
Answer: We know auditive structure briefly first: There is one house film in the interval of the auricle of human body and eardrum (namely ear film) , this film gets the when bumping generation of sound wave is oscillatory. The audition of inside of film of oscillatory classics ear is ossicle, cochlear communicate cerebrum with auditory nerve, changeover makes the news with understandable people. Eardrum antrum and nasal cavity have a conduit that be interlinked, the Eustachian tube Eustachian Tube that we weigh. Below normal circumstance, eustachian tube has air to enter, make the pressure inside ear antrum and the pressure that lying between the auricle of ear film and outside poise. When this conduit suffocate suffocate, the air pressure of the pressure inside eardrum and outside is unequal, there is out-of-the-way feeling inside ear, audition can drop, produce aching phenomenon even.
Rise quickly when the plane when falling, the air pressure all round is changed abruptly, inner ear organization cannot make response quickly, the atmospheric pressure of the atmospheric pressure inside Eustachian tube and auricle is different, create temporarily block, audition is broken quick the phenomenon can happen. Pass a little while normally, earplug phenomenon can disappear gradually. Have a few methods to be able to help people as soon as possible remove this kind is unwell, if swallow saliva, yawn, chew candy to wait a movement a moment, conduce to local muscle campaign, make the pressure inside Eustachian tube can be made with as soon as possible adjust. Nevertheless, the person that has ear disease or rhinitis may meet some disadvantageous, for example is rhinitis of chronic tympanitis, nose Dou Yan, irritability, heavy the patient of catch a cold.
Your problem replies as follows: One, the pain that atmospheric pressure causes can be eliminated, had better be to ask otolaryngology expert to make an inspection to you, treat to disease next. 2, missing acute hearing appearance by what cause by air is temporarily quality, should not lose hearing permanently. 3, wear industrial earcap to be able to reduce audio lung-power only, unalterable atmospheric pressure, so helpless the anguish that pushs approach at atmospheric pressure. 4, when there still is durative earplug after flying back to the ground or missing acute hearing appearance, should consult a doctor, accept medicaments and operation treatment. 5, suit the remedy to the case is OK bring down or when avoiding to fly, cause temporarily of the gender miss acute hearing appearance.
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