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Flight safety and management
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Basically undertake what is checked before the flight?
Need to undertake following works seriously before the flight:
1. aerostat weight reachs position;
System of the portable implements inside 2. fixed cockpit, all control all is in loosen condition;
Manual of flight of 3. according to, item-by-item is checked seriously;
4. checks the fuel that place of the flight in the plan needs to supply, computation goes out take off reach climb reserve of requires 15 minutes of fuel, and the reserve of 45 minutes of fuel that waits to need for nothing on destination;
5. From gasoline tank a powerful person pumping oil of bottom or engine lower part collects oily sample, fuel of the assay inside transparent container contains park the garment and miscellaneous quality.

Greatly medium or small the plane is in aerial territory
The car that runs on the aerostat that the sky flies to and driveway is same, also have oneself " traffic is regular " . Type is different, its sail to also differ highly. 3000 meters the following, it is the territory of small-sized plane commonly; 3OOO rice above is large and medium-sized the territory of the plane. So called " hedgehop " it is to point to distance ground or surface 5~10O rice; Alleged " low altitude flies " it is to point to distance ground or surface 100~1000 rice; With this analogize, "Hollow flight " altitude flight of 1000~7000 rice; " point to 7000~12000 rice; "Advection layer flies " point to above of 12 000 rice. Each other ask the plane the perpendicular interval that must keep certain, our country civil aviaton provides altitude flight of 6000 meters of above all right now, perpendicular interval is 600 meters, hand in unobstructed in order to ensure flight safety is mixed.

The traffic in sky the safest
The investigation with many China and foreign countries and research fact prove, the transportation in sky is the safest. Be like, china International airline already held safe record of 45 years. The United States ever also had made count to aviation safety, in 26 the middle of a month, american main airline completes passenger traffic volume 500 million much person-time, passenger volume 54 much people mile, sortie of 1 ten million falls since, and had not produced great plane accident. The fact proves, the safety factor that aviation carries is highest in all sorts of vehicle, 4 times taller than railroad, 15 times taller than highway, 132 times taller than taxi and sedan.