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Why should be id card shown when buying airline ticket
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Always by plane the passenger knows, for the person safety of each guests, safe inspection must be accepted before the passenger is registered, check namely seize the opportunity the full name on person and airline ticket whether be identical, and in carrying article, have reach dangerous article without fast movement. But, very few somebody knows, since id card must be used when safe examination, so why is id card shown even when buying a ticket?

As we have learned, have the reason of tripartite face: One of, the sheet that buy a ticket must fill in when the passenger buys a ticket, fill on exact Id number, so that be expert at class abnormal or when occurrence accident, can know fundamental condition of the passenger through Id number; Secondly, people needs to fill in in daily life when him full name, often use a habit to use a word, appear easily to be the same as the situation with different word with the sound on Id that is to say; Thirdly, id has temporarily, 10 years, mix 20 years long-term 4 kinds, to the person of seldom use Id, notice its period of efficacy rarely, using likely inadvertently so expire certificate seizes the opportunity. If civil aviaton staff member does not examine identity document when carry out ticket, so 3 kinds of afore-mentioned situations cause a passenger possibly to not agree with or cannot embark on a journey because of the full name, and bona fide location cannot be searched when encountering contingency.

Accordingly, to be in charge of to broad passenger, civil aviaton makes a provision: The passenger must show id card when buying a ticket (contain Xerox) . Its purpose is to avoid to cause time and economically needless loss to the passenger, let all seizing the opportunity passenger can safe, rapid, comfortable reach destination.