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Boat air resembles knowledge
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The dangerous weather that affects flight safety one -- wind shear
Wind shear is the condition that produces apparent mutation in the wind direction inside stone's throw, wind speed namely. Intense wind shear instant can make the plane perhaps is forced prematurely answer fly. Still can cause plane stall and the hazard that operate hard below certain condition, cause flight accident even.

The dangerous weather that affects flight safety -- blow snow
Local area has accumulated snow, blast blows firn takeoff dance to be in phenomenon of close ground aerial, make visibility is less than 10 kilometers, if snowflake is blown by wind, height exceeds 2 meters, call blow snow high, if height does not exceed 2 meters, call low blow snow.

The dangerous weather that affects flight safety -- thunderstorm
Thunderstorm is the phenomenon of a kind of weather that produces inside the cumulonimbus of intense and perpendicular development, this kind of phenomenon is divided outside having stronger precipitation, still accompany those who have thunder, zephyr asking report to change suddenly at the same time, return companion to have hail sometimes. Thunderstorm has the following kinds: Thunderstorm of air mass sex divides convection sex thunderstorm and landform thunderstorm; Cent of frontal surface thunderstorm is Leng Feng, sharp edge before, warm front, dormant sharp edge, thunderstorm of headroom sharp edge. The thunderstorm influence to the flight: Thunderstorm generation is bumpy (include to rise, drop air current) , frozen, thunder, hail and Biao, all cause very great difficulty to the flight, make the plane loses control, attaint, horsepower to decrease badly wait for danger.

The dangerous weather that affects flight safety freezes one by one
The plane is in when temperature flies in the cloud under 0 ℃ , austerity often condenses on the outside and ventilated face in the plane, this kind of phenomenon calls a flight to freeze. In temperature under zero (come in 0 ℃ especially 10 ℃ ) in the cloud, existing to cross cold water in great quantities. Super-cooling water is very few stability, be shaken, can freeze. The temperature that expresses business when plane airframe under 0 ℃ when, touch go up some of cold water, accumulate ice with respect to meeting generation. Freezing is very dangerous to flying. As a result of austerity accumulate the weight that added an airplane, because wing is changed clipper-builtly,more important is, what airscrew Xie Chong measures is lopsided, or of the air inlet duct in vaporizer close, landing gear closes put difficulty, radio antenna loses action, vaporizer decreased to enter tolerance, reduced plane horse, still can make accelerator is frozen, broke off oil plants origin, cockpit window door freezes the reason such as a line of sight that shuts a driver creates aircraft accident risk can imagine. Frozen configuration can be divided for Ming Bing, Mao Bing and mist Song 3 kinds. Ming Bing and Mao Bing are the most dangerous. Because its are firm, eliminate not easily, and growth is very rapid, become a the most dangerous kind to accumulate ice.
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