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Before why wanting to take off in the airliner 30 minutes of close down seize th
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The person that often goes out knows, can pass the car on pull in of check ticket mouth in before the train sends a car a few minutes by train, but why should do in before the airliner takes off 30 minutes by plane seize the opportunity formalities, be known mostly very little. So, before why wanting a regulation to take off in the airliner 30 minutes stop to deal with seize the opportunity formalities?
Above all, should what is meant by takeoff time clearly? Concern a provision according to civil aviaton, the takeoff time department that schedule of civil aviaton schedule announces to the passenger shows the ground ensures the job to end, the plane shuts the time of door of guest, hold, is not the time of plane lift-off.

Next, should know to stop to deal with seize the opportunity formalities arrives close plane door between, what job does airport working personnel have to want to do? As we have learned, basically the following job wants to do:
It is carriage value machine, deserve to carry personnel to want number of settle accounts passenger, baggage several, combine load of plane of computation of freight shipping circumstance, the picture gives balance watch and centre of gravity place, aircrew of the deliver after doing good manifest signs.
2 it is to want the baggage that consigns the passenger to check after be clear about, ship plane.
3 it is to want to seize the opportunity to doing the passenger of formalities has safe examination.
4 it is broadcast informs the passenger arrives appoint board the plane buccal check ticket, guide a passenger to board the plane. If board the plane,the passenger must be used ferry the car is carried; Time-consuming should grow.
5 it is number of the passenger on machine of check the amount, undertake checking with situation of ground check hostage.

The place on put together is narrated, from stop to deal with seize the opportunity formalities arrives close plane door 30 minutes this inside time, airport respect still must do much work. Have delay a bit, cause boat incur loss through delay possibly. Seize the opportunity to let a passenger enough time is dealt with formalities, civil aviaton already was in " communal aviation carriage service is regular " in specific provision, 100 the following planes begin to deal with seize the opportunity the time of formalities is not late at taking off before 60 minutes, 100 above plane is not late at 90 minutes. Take off to assure airliner on time, airport respect must be carried out strictly shift to an earlier date 30 minutes to stop to deal with seize the opportunity the regulation of formalities, accordingly, broad passenger should have firm time keeping consciousness, deal with to the airport on time seize the opportunity formalities, to appoint area Hou machine.

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