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Guilin is folded to 3-8 of discount of Hefei airline ticket
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Guilin comes Hefei airline ticket, guilin arrives Hefei airline ticket, it is Guilin below to Hefei airliner

Airport of date of airline scheduled flight setting out arrives at the airport to set out arrive at type classics to stop voyage schedule
Guilin of Oriental aviation MU5388 22:2 of airport of hillock of a white horse with a black mane of Hefei of two rivers airport0 23:55 M90 does not have.2. . .6.
Note: Guilin arrives Hefei whole journey in all 1067 kilometers, full price 1040 yuan. Need additionally to add receive the airport to build cost (50 yuan) with fuel surtax (100 yuan)
This page basically offers Guilin to inquire to airliner of airline ticket of Hefei special offer, you can inquire through Guilin airline ticket the system inquires Guilin arrives in real time price of Hefei airline ticket, offer Guilin to leave a port below information of other course airline ticket