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China Southern Airlines Online Check-in and upgrade procedures for international
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"China Southern Airlines international flights can also apply for online check-in it!" Recently, various efforts by China Southern, will line-in business expansion to international routes. China Southern Guangzhou travel originating international, regional routes (Japan, South Korea, United States Australia flights excluded) passengers, can print in advance by visiting China Southern Airlines boarding pass site, select your favorite seat. Prior to this, China Southern Airlines Online Check-in for domestic flights only tourists. It is reported that China Southern Airlines international flights online check-in process the same way as domestic flights, passengers in the flight is expected to 1 day before departure until 14:00 flight 60 minutes before scheduled departure time for this period of time, can be found on the south Air official website www.csair.com, in accordance with the "check" column of the prompt guidance to choose seats and print boarding passes A4 paper style. The difference is that with domestic flights, because international flights related to the visa check Business, take passengers on international flights can not print their own boarding pass check-in, need to proceed to the Southern International G6 "online check" counter (first class, business class and gold card, travelers can go to G1, G2 Counter No. ) do Document Recognition and baggage management procedures, and then exchange boarding passes before a formal board. Otherwise, according to exit regulations, travelers who print their own boarding pass is not through the border of. To do this, select the line-in Southern remind the international passengers, because the procedure is relatively complex and international flights at least 60 minutes before flight departure counter for documents to reach G6 recognized and baggage procedures. While Convenient on-line at the passenger boarding pass printing can also be selected first in line seats, to make playing the boarding pass counter G6. From Guangzhou to Japan, South Korea, the United States, Australia and other countries, passengers can not yet online Check-in buffet.