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Discount air tickets to Hong Kong to speed back and forth Chongqing crazy "carg
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Inflation and the appreciation of RMB against the HK case, how to spend less money to buy more things? Go shopping in Hong Kong is one of the options mainland. The end of November, Chongqing, and a number of media deals from airlines Ticket site know, shopping is at the end of Hong Kong, the present day there are at least thousands of people to Hong Kong to scan cargo in Chongqing. According to "Chongqing Evening News" reported in the next month, flying from Chongqing to Shenzhen, the lowest airline tickets discount of 1.9 fold, coupled with the current exchange rate between the RMB and HK dollar at 0.85:1 or so, have picked Mainland tourists to Hong Kong Shopping "Fire Bus and (cheap)" feeling. Reporter in the "Where" and "Ctrip" and other Web site, Chongqing, Shenzhen is the end of the year to fly a hot route. The "Where" website, a lot of time before the end of discount tickets are as low as 1.9. Many Booking of passengers, are purchased from or two days from the date of the ticket, and the choice of classes and late night flights are the first red-eye flight landing. At present, Chongqing, Shenzhen, full price ticket to fly is 1280 yuan, 246 yuan as long as the discount down, the minimum return air ticket discount is 2.9 fold, discount down 376 yuan, plus two of the airport construction fee and fuel surcharge, air ticket Cost of 860 yuan. Airlines said that if the round-trip airline tickets are set, there are certain concessions, must register, ticket prices may be 600 yuan. With Shenzhen to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong to 140 yuan on the bus Transport costs 800 yuan or less. Said the airline currently flies daily Chongqing, Shenzhen has 14 flights every day, thousands of people went to Hong Kong cargo sweeping. With the arrival of Christmas, flights may also increase, to Hong Kong to sweep the public goods will increase. According to Learned to sweep these obvious characteristics of goods, people, a rarity in the earliest and the latest low discount flights. How to scan cargo? Hong Kong to buy the media that some things cheaper than the mainland. Luxury goods, GUCCI a hand bag, priced at 2,500 Hong Kong dollar, the price is 4200 yuan Shanghai, even if the price hit nearly 7 fold 3,000 yuan. Armani coat, the Mainland price around 28,000 yuan, the Hong Kong price is 1.7 million. Skin care products, Hong Kong's skin care products priced about 20% cheaper than the mainland, coupled with year-end shopping, have bought Has sent told, very cost-effective. Digital products, Canon Hong Kong's new digital camera, converted into only 1,700 yuan RMB. The card machine did not present the mainland, but the price of the previous generation in 2500 yuan or so. Some products such as diapers, Bag of 32 packs curious brand diapers, nearly 30 yuan cheaper than the mainland. Currently, the "2010 Hong Kong WinterFest" has been launched, and continued to January 2 next year. In the meantime, the mall will be launched in Hong Kong a lot of promotions. Travel to remind, the end of each year Period, Hong Kong hotel prices are substantial price increases, it is recommended to stay in Hong Kong resident, early booking hotels, to ensure accommodation. Miss Ke public almost every year the last four years to Hong Kong, Hong Kong cargo sweeping back just recently, she said, the exchange rate of RMB against the HK 1:1 from the past to today's 0.85:1, and now to Hong Kong to buy things, in fact, picking "Pakistan and the fire." For example, she said, they used the Estee Lauder skin care products, if purchased locally, spending a year at least 5,000 yuan, but to Hong Kong will be able to get almost 3,000. She said that now the Hong Complete a variety of brands of goods to Hong Kong, although not to the end of the year last season sweep goods, but has good shopping time. Runs a building in Chongqing, Wang Hong shop told "Chongqing Evening News" reporter, she twice a year to go to Hong Kong, buy a ticket to fly in two ways generally Shenzhen. An airline ticket through the website or phone for sale Counting center, the other is through a travel agent book flights and hotels. "A hotel room through a travel agent, to be much cheaper than their own." Wang Hong, said inflationary pressures this year, she also began to change travel plans, daily Have set a round-trip airline ticket, "discount is low, a good deal, you can buy clothes back." TV ads do Ting-Ting Chen, business manager of the December 3 set to Shenzhen flights, departure time is 7 pm that night, arrived in Shenzhen time is 20:50. "I'm going to friend in Shenzhen night squatting, the next morning went to Hong Kong to buy, buy is over the bus that afternoon sit back to Shenzhen, this way, can save the biggest cost of accommodation Use. "Ting-Ting Chen said, because of their work, their dress are more meticulous, but many on the grade of the skirt and shirt, would a thousand dollars easily in Chongqing." If Hong Kong is not the same purchase. "She said , The same brand, our price is much cheaper than the mainland, coupled with the yuan earned with the dollars, I called Pat half of the amount they must register. Meanwhile, this weekend will not affect their work, they do not to the company Leave, go home sleeping the day Sunday, Monday will be able to properly work.