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Top flight ticket prices rose across the board
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Although only 12 mid-May, but impatient many migrant workers have begun to plan a New Year trip home. However, they regret that the current discount airline tickets during the Spring Festival has become increasingly difficult, "Amoy", and in previous years that will be able to book two months ahead of the good things of very low discount air tickets almost unlikely. Spring may have to pay to fly home to the. The annual spring are difficult to get a ticket, railway stations and ticket queuing scenes packed so many people choose to fly home. Although there are nearly two months from the time of Chinese New Year Year of the Rabbit, but grab votes "war" has begun. Reporters in the city learned of the air ticket, recently came to inquire about the people around the Spring Festival ticket prices increased significantly, but the fares are too high, many people are temporarily not made a decision to buy. In Taobao and the airline ticket online, users in mid to late next year, a ticket query than 12 months late this year, more than 50% higher, which next January 21 to January 31 queries than this year December over the same period to about 80% higher. However, some members of the public are depressed, in the New Year back home under the influence of the rigid demand next year by the end of January from the eastern city of departure to fly second and third tier cities and the west, northeast, north and other places on the flight prices have been high points quickly 5 fold below the low-cost tickets hard to find. Shenyang, Hangzhou fly, for example, from January 24 next year, played Feb. 1, Taobao is 1099 yuan the lowest fares, discount of 6.9 fold, most of the discount flights are more than 9 fold. Ctrip 1110 yuan have the lowest fares, discounts, generally at between 8-fold to the full price. Hangzhou to Chengdu over the same period, the lowest fare on Taobao to 1299 yuan, the discount is 8 fold, most of the discount flights are more than 9 fold, while the lowest price on Ctrip to 1440 yuan, almost all full price. Chinese New Year back home with these lines just to be compared to fly to Beijing, Hangzhou and other traditional business lines by the end of January next year, but the prices seemed very stable, the lowest price as long as 455 yuan over the same period, as low as 4 fold. "At present, the route has begun to rise mainly to visit relatives in some more long distance passenger traffic direction, such as Chengdu, Kunming, Harbin and other cities, the ticket price before the Spring Festival has more than 8 fold. And to Beijing, Guangzhou and other business routes also not much movement, recently, visitors can also set to 5 fold below the special fares. "airline ticket office staff, is expected to begin later this month from 12 to buy the ticket prices during the Spring Festival will be opened up across the board, some of the current relatively deserted tourist routes, will also be added to the price increases force. "Chinese New Year of the ticket certainly not cheap, the annual Spring Festival of the floating population are increasing, not to buy train tickets, many people are turning to buy air tickets. Air transport is also increasing pressure, coupled with the recent fuel surcharge and increased. "city people on the road the staff of an airline ticket office told reporters that people now want to buy cheap tickets are only two ways, one is a connecting flight, there is a temporary flight two days before a re-booking, so that Airlines may also release some of discount air tickets based on attendance, but this way is more risky.