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China Southern to buy counterfeit tickets per person: should go to the regular
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In light of recent media exposure of part of Jilin Province has hundreds of forged tickets bought through travel agents tourist event, China Southern Airlines Company Limited Jilin Branch 22, said in an interview, passengers should purchase through regular outlets or web sites, confirm the authenticity of time after purchase. The company's Party branch secretary Xin Nasi sales and marketing, said ticket sales have entered the paperless era, as far as they know, there's fake Southern Airlines has flights should be called "Air Transport E-ticket" is A similar invoice for passengers in need of reimbursement vouchers, and not as a boarding document. Meanwhile, the forged tickets on the airline e-ticket number is not the top three Southern inherent "784." Xin Nasi said, in terms of sites, sales outlets and other sources, or purchasing a ticket should be in time the authenticity of identification. If it is China Southern's flight, simply by logging on China Southern Airlines official website, call the customer service hotline 95539 Southern, or sent to 95,539 names and ticket numbers, etc. to immediately confirm the authenticity. Meanwhile, "a discount ticket" and other advertising should be treated carefully. "Although not rule out the occasional possibility of a small amount of ultra-low discount airline tickets, but if not many days in advance to purchase, then the credibility is not high." Xin Nasi said.