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European Union of appeal of empty guest CEO and United States reach new agreemen
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Integrated dispatches from foreign news agency reported on December 4, airbus (Airbus) presiding apparitor adds Lu Wa (Louis Gallois)4 day appeals an European Union (European Union) and United States reach new agreement with respect to the allowance problem to aviation industry, state American government is many allowance company of its adversary Boeing (Boeing Co. ) the problem is potential by again resort to WTO (World Trade Organization) .

United States of proposal of the tile that add Lu and European Union with respect to governmental subsidy set a proper limits. If both sides did not come to an agreement this problem will refer WTO to undertake adjudication.

European Union and United States already argued several years to the allowance problem of aviation industry with respect to the government.
Empty guest announced on December 1 the research and development of plane of the A350-XWB that start is built, if this company forbids to seek a government to aid financially fully, so affirm meeting general almost this problem become acute.

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