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Can the plane have risk into mine field by accident
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The plane is in 9146 meters (3000 feet) when the altitude flight of above, won't meet thunderstorm commonly. The distributinging limits of thunderstorm area is in commonly thousands of meters of the following cumulonimbus area, the meeting when the plane is nearing thunderstorm area produces bumpy phenomenon, if enter thunder rain field by accident, the driver should operate as soon as possible the plane leaves thunderstorm area, bypass and row, to the plane, thunderstorm area is not long the land that take. Meet with to prevent a plane be struck by lightning, contain on the plane prevent thunder plant, it finds a place for the wingtip in wing is in commonly, also cry " discharge is brushed " . After the plane suffers be struck by lightning, electric current is OK from " discharge is brushed " in give off, "Discharge is brushed " the effect that has lightning rod namely. So although billow of the thunder outside porthole, light produced by electricity sparkles. Dan Fei machine is safe and sound. Passenger door is at ease. Especially contemporary hit medium-sized aircraft to contain commonly weather radar, those who add the weather forecast of the ground and driver is correct operate, bypass thunderstorm area is mixed breaking away from thunderstorm area quickly is accomplished easily.

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