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The expert says I develop civil big flying confidential to break through decathl
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Xinhua net Beijing on March 4 report: Aviation expert expresses, our country should develop civil and large airlines to need to break through a plane character of overall design, pneumatic forecasts a method to wait for 10 crucial technologies.

Chinese aviation science and technology of company of the 2nd group appoint vice director Cui Degang says 4 days, the civil and large aircraft that develops to assure our country has international competition ability, reach comfortable boat level, must break through 10 crucial technologies above all: The pneumatic character of overall design technology, modern civil plane forecasts civil and large airlines to the noise of civil and method, large airlines is forecasted and reduce load of civil and measure of a confusion of voices, large airlines technology of certain technology, efficient structure and intensity design, macrobian order is tall dependability.

Outside eliminating 10 crucial techniques, our country civilian still needs to solve engine, plane with the design of large airlines the integrated design technology of airborne system and plane.

Cui Degang says: "The civil and large aircraft that prospective our country makes, in security, dependability and comfortable sex 3 keys evaluate a standard to go up, cannot have a plane under what Boeing and airbus company make. Cannot get used to market competition otherwise. Cannot get used to market competition otherwise..

He says, from look on the whole, scope of industry of our country civil aircraft is at present little, the technology is relatively fragile, the full course that civil and large airlines has not taken the advanced and civil aircraft on a real significance to develop, with the world advanced level still has bigger difference.

Alleged and large airlines, basically be the trunk plane that points to 150 above, the biggest range is in 4000 kilometers above, takeoff weight is in 30 tons of above, it is civil aviaton uses the most extensive brunt model.

This year on Feburary 9, the State Council releases " long-term science and technology develop program outline in the country (2006 - 2020) " , 16 when decided future strives 15 years to obtain a breakthrough great science and technology are special, "Large airlines " rank among them.

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