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Flight umbrella knowledge
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What is flight umbrella?

Flight umbrella is a kind double sufficient case fall, the aircraft that with aerating soft ala gives priority to body. Its flight motivation is the steering force of wind-force, gravity and air man.

   The component of flight umbrella?

Flight umbrella by rope of umbrella body, umbrella, operate belt and saddle provide composition. Additional, still have brake string, with the speed that will dominate a flight and direction, link up with, use join umbrella rope and saddle to provide. Cent narrates as follows:
(1) umbrella body: Be by superstratum, lower level, and lie between (air chamber) of composition. Material is the puissant nylon cloth of 30 red Buddhist nun character.
(2) umbrella rope: Can divide for ABCDE in all 5 groups. Material is the core inside ballproof fiber character, apply nylon.
(3) operates belt: It is the connective of umbrella rope photograph each groups assorted belt, depend on design function and differ somewhat. Have ABCD quadruplet commonly.
(4) saddle provides: Cover namely belt. Cent is belt of aglet, bosom and leg belt. The bosom contains H model reach across. To protect the spinal cord of flier, normally kind a lower part of the belt and back contain sponge or ballproof beaverboard, fibre glass board, the protector such as gasbag. Additional, in aglet ahead each have a couple, use join umbrella body and pilot.

   Are flight umbrella and parachute bout thing?

Not be bout thing. Flight umbrella resembles a modernization a bit, parachute glides in the sky that can operate, but when do it and parachute have important different part:
(1) structure: Flight umbrella is one kind rises fall equipment, do not have DROUGE umbrella accordingly or slip, its construction is more lightsome also (the brunt when in because it does not need,assuming high speed to descend, be being opened abruptly) . The canopy air chamber of flight umbrella is more, umbrella rope is fine also.
(2) takeoff means: Flight umbrella must take off by the against the wind on a hillside that has head, lending the speed that runs ahead and wind the rate that boast, upgrade of ala of generation 將 umbrella carries " lift " hind, can leave person 帶 the area. And headroom parachute needs 須 wants to aviation carries, be like: Ball of plane, steam.
(3) opens umbrella process: Before flight umbrella is taking off, already 將 canopy opens a shop to be in the ground. Headroom parachute is to jump from carry after providing, through a paragraph of free falling body (or immediately) in wrapping canopy by the umbrella, pull.
(4) flight function: Flight umbrella can circle, glide, climb, cross-country, sluggish is empty. Headroom umbrella can drop only.
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