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Establishment of deice of Beijing capital International Airport and method are i
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On March 4, yuanxiao, medium snow. Festival meets again lucky million, make a person be radiant with joy really, but give the person of travel by morning shift plane to driving,be mix into happy care however half. Because establishment of deice of Beijing capital International Airport and means are serious lag, cause incur loss through delay of plane of major morning shift at least two hours above.

The airliner that morning of Beijing capital International Airport leaves a port has more than 100, because the airlines is global firn is serious, a large airlines is needed 15 minutes at least by bicycle exercise deice, heavy airlines wants 25 minutes, and the 8 deice seat number that capital airport centers only now, ten deice car. Want to be all leaving a port complete deice ends and safety puts the flight number fly, the time of need is a simple mathematical operation. And the loss that causes to passenger and airline is calculated hard temporarily however. Ended yesterday 9:20, airport altogether just takes off 30 planes. One plans 09:4 formerly0 takeoff planes, 08:20 ability allow to drive backward slip goes out undertake deice awaits, the result glides in accommodation train await 09:40 ability begin deice, 10:00 deice end, when taking off, waiting already was 10:10, look later, the plane team like long dragon still is outside deice area! Because design not and cause costly aviation natural resources wasteful and honest regrettablly, and the passenger of contact Beijing also can no more bear any incur loss through delay beyond serious natural consideration! Hope capital airport branch gives take seriously.

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