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Flight principle brief introduction
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Flight principle brief introduction

The flight principle that place of ** imitate flight applies and actual flight are same, because this understands a few simple flight principles, can let us make clear from the truth why can the airlines fly this problem. The flight principle that should understand a plane must know the composition of the plane and function first, the lift of the plane is how arise wait for a problem. These problems become branch a few parts brief explain.

One, the main component of the flight and function
** so far, besides the plane of a few special form, most plane is mixed by device of wing, airframe, empennage, rise and fall 5 bodies comprise dynamical plant

1. Wing -- the main function of wing is generation lift, fly in order to support a plane in sky, also have certain stability and operation effect at the same time. General on wing installation has aileron and flap, operate aileron can make the plane boils turn, put down flap to be able to make lift increases. Engine, landing gear and gasoline tank still can be installed to wait on wing. Its wing appearance, size also has the plane of different utility each different.

2. Airframe -- the main function of airframe is to lade the member that multiply, passenger, weapon, goods and all sorts of equipment, the other part the plane if: The join such as wing, empennage and engine becomes a whole.
3. Empennage -- empennage includes stabilizer and perpendicular empennage. Stabilizer decides face and movable elevator composition in safety by fixed water, some high speed planes decide water face and elevator to close to be become for an organic whole in safety use equal remaining part completely. Perpendicular empennage includes fixed perpendicular and stable range and movable rudder. The action of empennage is to operate airlines a simple move or action and deflexion, make sure flying function flies smoothly.

4. Device of rise and fall -- the landing gear of the plane is comprised with machine annulus by damping pillar mostly, action is to take off, land slippery run, the ground glides and control airlines is raised when park.
5. Dynamical plant -- dynamical plant basically uses generation pulling force and thrust, make a plane ongoing. The other equipment using phone that still can go up for the plane next offers power source to wait. Application of aircraft power plant is wider now have: Aviation piston engine adds engine of engine of airscrew of reaction engine of airscrew propeller, turbine, turbine and turbine fan. Besides engine itself, dynamical plant returns the system that includes a series of assurance that engine works normally.
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