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"Divine boat 6 " flight knowledge
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"Divine boat 6 " the spacefarer must be had 5 big " exceed capacity "

Exceed capacity one: Oneself adjust biological clock
"God 6 " the first of astronaut control " exceed capacity " it is oneself adjust biological clock. Whatever moment, when should sleeping, be asleep immediately, when should awaking, mental hundredfold. Astronaut should accomplish this a little bit, must pass the training of 5 years of successive.
Exceed capacity 2: Oneself adjust palpitant speed
The expert tells a reporter, be in " god 5 " before God, undertake whole journey monitor to Yang Liwei, his heartbeat maintains equably from beginning to end in minutely 70 or so, enter the space till airship.
Exceed capacity 3: Must hold several duty concurrently personally
The expert tells a reporter, "Fixed number of persons of American space shuttle 7 astronaut, each have division of labor. God the task that what two 6 astronaut that go up take on actually is 7 astronaut of American. God the task that what two 6 astronaut that go up take on actually is 7 astronaut of American..
Exceed capacity 4: Should do " special type arms "
Expert introduction, once spacecraft is returned when produce deviate to enter virgin forest, astronaut will catch an animal to live in order to maintain with handgun and dagger hunt with defend oneself, once fall into the sea, a bottle of coloring water is OK seawater catchs orange look all round astronaut, run in order to frighten shark.
Exceed capacity 5: "Forever not carsick "
Be in " god 6 " when airship rises, this number added 10 times suddenly. "Astronaut is after course training, these pressure can bear completely, they have good vestibular function, common feature says, namely forever won't carsick. Namely forever won't carsick..

First our country spacefarer choose process

■ the first pace: Archives is examined (came in December 1995 January 1996)
The air man that accords with postulate decided in many 3000 air man 1506 people, pass again after further choose, decided 886 air man regard preelection as the object, they are lucky be seleted
■ the 2nd pace: Recuperate primary election (undertook in April 1996)
In October the middle ten days of a month, choose office is called together reinspect group etc to concern an expert the check-up data of preliminary to 97 eligible undertook serious and careful analysis. Play 60 air man that be in hospital examines finally certainly
■ the 3rd pace: Be in hospital is checked (began on November 4, 1996, ended on April 1, 1997)
There are 38 people in 60 preelection object clinical medicine examination is eligible; Pass special function inspection, the result has 6 people individual assess only. In eligible 14 people, their be among the best of candidates
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