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"The express in Beijing Shanghai sky " whether can you go to the lavatory really
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On August 6, by civil aviaton total bureau takes the lead, management board of civil aviaton of two earths area, two big airports and 5 airline are participated in jointly, the domestic head that makes together " the express in sky " Beijing comes formally in airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge try between capital International Airport move.

Beforehand, civil aviaton total bureau ever expressed, "The express in Beijing Shanghai sky " will realize finally half hours every, the passenger random lot that holds regular sale airline ticket turns, enjoy special cost in two ground airport the machine bar, passageway that install check, await machine area, board the plane mouth and consign baggage to collect an area, make the passenger aviation journey between two ground more convenient, more relaxed, more efficient thereby.

However, perhaps let at the outset " the express in sky " what organizers did not think of is, message, beijing -- the immediately of airline ticket price of rainbow bridge course appears to rise apparently, and according to a few big doors website and " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " the netizen of relevant news is commented on in light of, this one incident not only the support that did not get more common people, instead is many people it is in the light of what this is weighed " the behavior of governmental intervention market " having quite much censure and feel disgusted.

Here, our for the moment casts certain media and net to go up to be planted in the light of this approximate airline " affiliation course " whether can produce price alliance or whether is this one behavior the problem such as governmental intervention market does not talk really, say only " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " whether true can profit from is common passenger, let common people experience aviation to travel to be mixed more expediently, more easily really more efficient?

Above all, according to the view of civil aviaton total bureau, the passenger is held participate in " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " each airline of operation sells normally " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " passenger ticket, dealing with seize the opportunity before formalities, can be in " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " undertake be signinged freely turning between each airliners. Actually, will look with respect to the author, this not true square arrives how many passenger. After all, to general passenger, if difference of airline ticket price is not big, major passenger still can choose to suit the airliner hour of own timeline when ordering a ticket, the passenger that believes to deal with airliner autograph finally to turn basically is stem from airliner incur loss through delay or cancel to wait for a reason, but incur loss through delay of a lot of airliners or cancelling is real time sex, handling the amount that seizes the opportunity to incur loss through delay predicts before formalities or cancel an order in the passenger truly is finite. And although the passenger that gives a plan to change need to change autograph airline ticket because of oneself truly is different now between airline scheduled flight change the appreciably on the autograph a few more convenient, but the advantage of this bit of very little is to build it seems that in do " the express in Beijing Shanghai sky " over cost of expends huge natural resources.
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