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How to identify the airliner date of civil aviaton plane
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How to identify the airliner date of civil aviaton plane

Current, the airliner number of domestic each line is comprised by 1000 arabic numeralses. Word of its the first digit is the code name of management board, word of the 2nd digit is the code name that should fly to airport place to belong to management board, the 3rd, 4 digit word differs for airliner of each management board the serial number of course. You mastered place of Chinese civil aviation bureau to belong to 9 management board (or airline) code name, knew how the airliner weaves. 1 for Beijing bureau, 2 for Xi'an bureau, 3 for Guangzhou bureau, 4 for Chengdu bureau, 5 for Shanghai bureau, 6 for Shenyang bureau, 7 for Taiyuan bureau, 8 for Xiamen bureau, 9 for Xinjiang bureau. It is with 6503/04 airliner exemple, "6 " the plane that expressing is Shenyang management board, "5 " it is to point to flying upgrade sea, "03 " it is the serial number that flies to course of Shanghai different time, "04 " the return trip number that is this second airliner.

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