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With the end of summer vacation, tourism began to enter the traditional low season. Reporter yesterday from the railway station in Yichang Three Gorges Airport and understand that the Three Gorges Airport daily average of about 1,800 people to send passengers, a decrease of approximately one quarter than before, and with The major colleges and universities one after another school, began passenger railway station in Yichang dropped significantly more liberal votes. According to reports, during the summer holidays, due to popular tourist market, especially in the catalytic tour the Shanghai World Expo, the Three Gorges Airport sends passengers to 2300-2500 person / day. Recently, with each school term, the tourism market Gradually into the off-season. Three Gorges Airport, currently the Three Gorges Airport passenger volume marked decline in the near future airport sends passengers daily average volume of about 1800 people. It is understood that, in order to compete for more customers, the airlines have begun to cut ticket prices. Currently, the ticket departure Yichang were about 5 fold, while the departure of the ticket prices lower, Wuhan, 320 yuan, Wuhan can directly Wenzhou fly. Meanwhile, the reporter learned from the Yichang station, with the major colleges and universities one after another school, students continue to return to school half a month's peak has also been dropped. Yesterday, reporters saw at Yichang station ticket hall, came to tickets Significantly less than the previous few days passengers. Ticket information from the train station, in addition to the direction of the day from Yichang to Beijing berth slightly nervous, the other votes were more liberal direction. Yichang station staff, according to the situation of previous years, between now and the eve of Mid-Autumn Festival, will be a tour of the traditional low season, during which, from Yichang to the direction of votes across the country are more relaxed, is a out Line a good time.