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Air China domestic flights in the air broadcast on the most important transit in
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October 28, take the Air China Limited (Air China Limited, referred to as "Air China") CA1822 flight from Fuzhou to Beijing's transit passengers pleasantly surprised to find that they need to transfer the follow-up range of flight information, is about to arrive already displayed on the aircraft, the flight into Hong Kong stops flight, baggage belts numbers, follow-up connecting flight gate, etc., at a glance, eliminating the time they reached the turn around to find a lot of trouble. Air China launched The "happy convergence space transfer," the transfer of information services in China's civil aviation air broadcast is still the first. The task of the aircraft flight number B-5422 Boeing 737-800 Executive, in the opportunity with 160 passengers in from Fuzhou to Beijing to New York, San Francisco, Vancouver, Frankfurt, London, Stockholm, Moscow and other cities 47 transit passengers, they are lucky enough to be the first to experience the service of passengers of Air China. "Open space convergence, happy transit" service, is Air China with Aviation Data Communication Co., Ltd. jointly developed, which uses ground-station equipment, by radio or satellite, the plane landed 45 minutes before, the transit flight information transmitted to aircraft communications Addressing and Reporting System ("ACARS"), then through the entertainment system on the aircraft displayed on the screen. To ensure that transit passengers informed of transit information, cabin crew will also actively broadcast alerts. Deputy Director of Air Service, according to Zhang Chunzhi introduced this year, Air China plans 25 Boeing 737-800 aircraft to install this system, then, take the machine running the 12 flights from international and domestic 70 cities by the transit of passengers to Beijing Air China to experience the service; next year will be introduced in the new Boeing 777-300, Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A320 series fleet of transit information on the realization of the function of the air broadcast, then, there will be more cities by from Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and transfer passengers to enjoy this convenient service. Air China has always been to customer demand, pay close attention to customer experience, promote the whole process services, and vigorously promote the hub of network construction, built with Beijing as the hub of Shanghai as the gateway of Chengdu as a regional hub of a balanced domestic and international route network, as of 2010 In the end of June, Air China (excluding Air Macau and Shenzhen Airlines) has to Boeing and Airbus aircraft of various types based 276, operations covering 31 countries and regions, more than 280 routes, more than 1,400 daily flights originating vehicles in Beijing by Air China as the core hub of the strong, balanced global airline network, passengers can easily reach 88 domestic destinations and 50 international and regional destinations. Air China and 22 worldwide famous airlines to establish a partnership to further expand the service to 181 countries and 1172 destinations. In recent years, Air China and improve service quality, the whole process, from ticketing to check-in, from the air to the ground, innovative services, such as the APC took the opportunity to register, take advantage of mobile phone ticketing and self-registration, self check-in baggage services, online services, messaging platforms , call center, etc., and has launched the Beijing - Shanghai / Hangzhou, Beijing - Chengdu / Chongqing, Beijing - Guangzhou / Shenzhen, Air Express, have opened a "one vote in the end, baggage tag," is characterized by Domestic to Domestic 57 cities, 43 cities being transferred from the International, the international transfer of 36 cities, 34 cities internationally, the international boarding pass services, passenger baggage without out of the isolation zone to re-apply for subsequent flight check-in. Transit hub construction process is convenient and is the key, is the focus of visitors. The launch of "convergence space, happy transit" service, that is, through check-in basis, to achieve a further broadcast onboard transit passenger flight information, including the docking of the aircraft seats, baggage dial number, follow-up to transfer flights gate so the passengers part of the ground communication services to the air ahead of completion of transit passengers not only saves time but also shorten the service chain, and enhance the transfer efficiency. At the same time, Air China flight waves through the scientific setting, the flight time of convergence, and improve the details of the service, efficient baggage transfer and transit passenger information timely monitoring and other means, will be the shortest transit link time (MCT) and further adjusted so that passengers enjoy a more convenient transit service.